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500 attend Bedford induction

July 2020 | by John Pestell

Oliver Wyncoll, Ibrahim Ag Mohamed, John Pestell & Jonathan Northern
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A great number gathered at Providence Baptist Chapel, Bedford, in March for the induction service of Oliver Wyncoll. Some travelled from as far afield as Liverpool, Southampton, and Devon. A large contingent came from Oliver’s former church, the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London.

Pastor Jonathan Northern (Baldock Baptist Church) chaired the proceedings. The service opened with a rousing rendition of Josiah Conder’s hymn, ‘Thou art the Everlasting Word’.

The church secretary, John Pestell, outlined a history of the call, expressing how prayer within the church was a great factor during the thirteen-year interregnum, and how marvellously the Lord had answered petitions for another pastor.

Pastor Wyncoll recounted recent leadings in his life towards pastoral ministry. One factor drawing him to Providence Chapel was the thriving Sunday school work.

Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed, also hailing from the Metropolitan Tabernacle, gave the charge to the pastor and the church, centring his remarks on 2 Timothy 4.

He stated that the calling of pastoral ministry is hard, holy, but also a high honour. Every sermon preached by a pastor is as hard as running in a marathon, but it is the means by which God has determined to build his church.

Pastor Ibrahim continued by focusing on the ten exhortations in verses 1-5, all governed by a central phrase found in verse 2: ‘Preach the word.’ He said, ‘We do not invent the message, we only pass on the meal which the heavenly chef has already prepared.’

Following the service, many attendees remained behind for a tea prepared by members of the church and congregation of Providence Chapel.

As the church secretary remarked in his closing comments, ‘This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes’ (Psalm 118:23).

By John Pestell

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