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A new year at WEST

December 2007

A new year at WEST

The dedication service for Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST) was held on Saturday 22 September in the grounds of Bryntirion, at Bridgend. Jonathan Stephen chaired the meeting with 200 in attendance. He commented on developments during his first year as Principal.

These include plans for a new course starting in September 2008 for graduates to prepare for the Christian ministry. It offers a one-year licentiate in theology, followed by a further year leading to an MA or MTh.

Considerable improvement work has been undertaken on the school’s buildings. There are plans for a new library building, catering facilities and conference hall.

Jonathan Stephen called on independent churches to support WEST in training future leaders. The volume of enquiries for potential pastors suggests that the demand for pastors is well beyond the numbers in training. It is vital that churches identify and help those whom the Lord is calling into leadership.

The Principal introduced several of the new students on campus. Most of the men are from the UK preparing for the preaching ministry but there are also overseas students from Peru, Malaysia, South Korea, France and the USA.

Rev. Peter Baker from Highfields Free Church, Cardiff, preached from Ezekiel 1:28 –3:15 – exiled

Ezekiel’s encounter with God and his call to be a prophet. Many stayed on for fellowship and refreshments following the meeting.
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