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Aberdeen church plant enjoying growth

August 2021 | by Evangelical Times

I was sent with my family to begin a church plant in Spring 2019 without any fixed building, money, or people. Nonetheless, the biblical framework of being sent by a local church (Grace Baptist Church, Edinburgh) coupled with the doctrinal clarity of being confessionally Reformed Baptist served as a solid foundation for a new church.

Along with the practical and prayerful support of our brethren in GBC Edinburgh, we launched as Grace Baptist Church Aberdeen with a small group of committed believers.

We secured rented premises in an area we sought to reach. The area – Hilton and Woodside – would be defined mainly as a housing ‘scheme’ in Scotland, and our purpose was very clear: preach the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches.

We constituted as a church in July 2019, and after a few months the Lord graciously added a small number of believers to our congregation. The challenges as well as disappointments accompanying such a work have been significant.

However, the faithfulness and commitment to Scripture of our members have been a blessing. This was crucial as we faced Covid restrictions and government overreach as a one-year-old church.

2021 started in desperate fashion with another national lockdown in Scotland, extending even to the closure of church buildings.

Those early weeks were greatly challenging, but an important period for strengthening our unity as we sought to obey Scripture by worshipping God each week.

We also give thanks to the Lord that the legal challenge I was involved in (protesting the Scottish government’s decision to close churches) was successful.

Following this, our church attendance has almost doubled, and we give thanks that two women have recently come to saving faith in the Lord.

They have since been baptised and added to our fellowship along with other believers. As our church continues to grow, we are humbled by the Lord’s mercy to us and thankful that we have maintained doctrinal clarity and evangelistic zeal.

The growth we have experienced in recent months has led to capacity issues in our rented premises. By God’s grace, an opportunity has arisen for us to purchase a nearby building. The provision of a building would be a great blessing to us as a growing church.

Please be in prayer for the online fundraising scheme needed to buy a building for Grace Baptist Aberdeen, for the growth of our fellowship, and for the wider advance of the Lord’s kingdom.

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