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After the riots

October 2011 | by Sebastian Mani

After the riots

Three days after the riots ripped through London, Biblical Gospel Ministries held its 29th preaching rally, on Saturday 13 August, in Trafalgar Square.
    Preachers called on people to seek the Lord, while the world is facing unrest, economic troubles, war and other calamities. They reminded hearers that violence is not the answer to their problems, but to ‘seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness’, and God will give them joy, peace and hope.
    It was a good day. Please pray with us for all who heard the gospel, that they may seek the Lord, and for those who took Bibles and other Christian literature, that they may use them for their further edification.
    The Trinitarian Bible Society set out literature and 61 English Bibles, 32 English New Testaments, three Portuguese Bibles, one Arabic New Testament, two Russian Bibles and one Polish New Testament were given out. Also, calendars in English, Farsi, French, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish, plus countless tracts and leaflets, were distributed.
Sebastian Mani


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