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Aggressive secularism

October 2014

Faith is being pushed out of the public sphere in Britain, Dominic Grieve has warned.

Speaking to the Telegraph, the former Attorney General said that an ‘aggressive form of secularism’ was starting to dominate the debate at all levels, creating a ‘sanitisation’ of religion from the workplace.

Mr Grieve was quoted as saying people would end up ‘excluded’ from society, adding: ‘I worry that there are attempts to push faith out of the public space. Clearly it happens at a level of local power. You can watch institutions or organisations do it or watch it happen at a local government level. In my view it’s very undesirable’.

He highlighted cases of employees being disciplined or sacked for talking about their faith in the workplace, which, he said, was ‘extraordinary’.

Mr Grieve also told the Telegraph, ‘The sanitisation will lead to people of faith excluding themselves from the public space and being excluded. It is in nobody’s interest that groups should find themselves excluded from society’.




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