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Alien concept

December 2012

Alien concept

More people believe in extra-terrestrials than in God, research for ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’, a new video game, has found.
    A poll of 1,359 UK adults found that more than 50 per cent — equating approximately to 33.1 million people in the UK — believe there is life on other planets, with only 27.5 million believing there is a God.
    The survey also found that 52 per cent of people think there would be a government conspiracy to cover up aliens’ existence. It claimed that more men than women claim to have seen UFOs and believe in life on other planets. The same finding was cited about belief in the existence of God.
    Nick Pope, formerly of the Ministry of Defence UFO Project, said, ‘Belief in the alien phenomenon is now more widespread than ever, with many wondering how we and our governments would react to the news that aliens existed’.


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