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Almost 900 attend FIEC leaders conference

January 2019 | by Huw Iley

Almost 900 people attended the annual FIEC Leaders’ Conference in Torquay in November. The theme was ‘Here and now: communicating the gospel in our post-Christian culture’.

Don Carson’s outstanding exposition of Isaiah 6 brought a majestic view of the holiness of God, and also a sense of reality to gospel ministry. There is a note of hope for Isaiah in the chapter, but it would be fulfilled 700 years later in the coming of Jesus

We are also caught up in the wider sweep of the rise and fall of nations and cultures, within God’s good purposes, and we should view our ministry in light of that.

His exposition of Isaiah 40 later in the week lifted our eyes to the salvation God brings, and refreshed us with the reality that we have a dependable and incomparable God.

A strong seminar programme explored the main theme well, and the presence of Edward Connor Solicitors, a Christian charity and law firm, provided a valuable opportunity to get legal advice during the conference.

The FIEC has 600 member churches representing more than 50,000 people, with 33 churches joining last year, and a new FIEC church being planted every four weeks.

The conference this year saw a call for more diversity within FIEC to reflect and to serve the whole country, this includes ethnic and socio-economic diversity as well as a greater range of church styles.

Overall, the conference was a great joy, with church leaders receiving a fresh vision of God’s majesty, and a realistic yet optimistic call to a renewed effort to communicate the gospel in our post-Christian culture.

Huw Iley

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