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Alpha director cosies with Catholicism

October 2015

Rev. Nicky Gumbel, vicar of Holy Trinity, Brompton, and director of the Alpha Course since 1990, sang the praises of the Catholic Church at ‘Proclaim 15’, a major Catholic ‘evangelisation event’, held in Birmingham on Saturday 11 July.

One of four keynote speakers, including Cardinal Vincent Nichols, he told his audience of 900 Catholic bishops, priests and laity, ‘I love the Catholic Church — she is leading the way in evangelisation’.

As reported by Ruth Gledhill in Christian Today (12 July), Gumbel emphasised the importance of the Alpha Course and said the key to his current thinking was the 2013 encyclical of Pope Francis on evangelisation and the joy of the gospel, Evangelii gaudium.

Many British evangelicals will be saddened by this naïve rapprochement with Rome from an influential Anglican evangelical. The Catholic Church is firmly wedded to a ‘gospel’ of salvation by works, even while deceptively proclaiming its commitment to grace.


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