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Archbishop Justin Welby prays ‘in tongues’ every day

March 2019

Archbishop Justin Welby CREDIT Flickr FCO
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The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, says he prays ‘in tongues’ every morning and he expects to hear messages and prophecies from God through others.

He made the disclosure in an interview with Christian radio station, Premier. He said, ‘In my own prayer life, and as part of my daily discipline I pray in tongues every day – not as an occasional thing but as part of daily prayer’.

He added: ‘It’s not something to make a great song and dance about. Given it’s usually extremely early in the morning it’s not usually an immensely ecstatic moment because I’m sort of ‘Urrgh’ – struggling’.

He said: ‘I expect to hear from God through other people with words of knowledge or prophecies.

‘An awful lot of those come in – some of them, shall we say, we read them and think I’m not entirely sure about that, and others I think “Oh yes, I can sense there being something of the spirit of God in that.”’

Justin Welby was formerly a member of Holy Trinity Brompton, in west London, where such things are encouraged.

However, Reformed Christians hold that these charismatic practices have ceased, and to seek to practise them undermines the sufficiency of Scripture.

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