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Assisted suicide – Church must ‘stand firm’ says CARE

July 2014

The consultation period for a Scottish Bill that could see Assisted Suicide legalised has passed, but the church must still ‘stand firm’, CARE has said.

In a statement following the end of the Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill consultation in Scotland, the pro-life charity asked Christians to ‘stand firm and take action on issues relating to the end of life’.

The charity, which launched its Live and Let Live campaign in May, said that, with renewed efforts to change the law underway in Scotland and expected soon in Westminster, now was ‘a crucial time’ to understand the implications of introducing assisted suicide into Britain.

Nola Leach, chief executive of CARE, said, ‘There’s never been a more critical time to understand the implications of any attempts to introduce assisted suicide into Britain. Our Live and Let Live resources can help Christians navigate the complexities of the issue in today’s society.

‘The Bible repeatedly emphasises the preciousness of life and that we should do all we can to protect the vulnerable, weak, poor and needy. But it never once provides for legitimising so-called compassionate killing or a right to die’.


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