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Banner of truth youth conference

June 2014 | by Naomi Fay

On 25-28 April, around 150 people gathered together to study God’s Word, and for fellowship, at the Banner of Truth Youth Conference. There were opportunities to receive good, helpful teaching through the talks, and from books and recordings. This year the speakers were Stuart Olyott, Euan Murray, José Moreno and Jonathan Watson.

Euan Murray outlined the ‘Who?’, ‘What?’ and ‘Why?’ of the gospel, based on Romans 1:16, ‘For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation’. Paul himself had been transformed from a persecutor of Christ Jesus to a proclaimer of the gospel of salvation, through faith in him.

Stuart Olyott expanded the four elements present in each conversion, focusing on the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8. Firstly, God the Father prepares the person to be saved. Secondly, a servant of God encounters that person. Thirdly, the Lord Jesus Christ must be presented from Scripture. Finally, the Holy Spirit must do a work within. Mr Olyott also reminded us of the heavenly command to ‘be filled with the Spirit’ (Ephesians 5:18). This command applies to every believer.

Spanish EMF missionary José Moreno summarised the history of the gospel in Spain. He highlighted how Spain’s decline was linked to the rejection of the Spanish Reformation. However, many American and British missionaries are now bringing the gospel back to Spain. He also explained how true Christianity is a personal encounter with the glory of God, in the person of Christ Jesus.

Jonathan Watson outlined the life of John Knox. Despite being a slave on a French galley and many other trials and disappointments, Knox was a man of prayer who lived in obedience to God’s Word and for the glory of God.

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