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Baptist men

January 2013 | by Norman Hopkins

Baptist men

On Saturday 10 November, more than 90 men assembled at Borough Green Baptist Chapel to attend a conference intended to help Christian men fulfil their God-given responsibilities.
    They came from all points of the compass. Some travelled from as far away as Birchington in the east and Greenwich in the west. A good number came from the Medway towns to the north and a strong contingent came up from Sandhurst Baptist in the south.
    There was also a good cross section of ages. One brother, who came to Christ only recently, got up at 3.00am that morning and drove back from Devon. He is a challenge to us all, for he is in his mid-80s. The youngest attendee was a teenager from a small rural Kent church.
    Pastor Norman Hopkins of Strood welcomed us all before introducing the two speakers, Pastor Timothy Reynolds of Borough Green, who spoke on ‘Man in creation’; and Doctor John Benton, pastor of Chertsey Street Baptist Church, Guildford, who spoke on ‘Men in the home’ and ‘Men in the church’.
    Mr Reynolds began the day by laying the foundations for biblical manhood from the first three chapters of Genesis. Mr Benton’s talk on us as family men used the example of David’s failures as a father in a thought-provoking and humbling way.
    He also challenged us men in the churches to ask ourselves if the ladies are doing more by way of active witnessing than we men are doing. The question time was well used, with thoughtful and relevant questions, all of which were answered with care and consideration.
Norman Hopkins

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