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BBC accused of distorting news and promoting a liberal agenda

January 2019

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Source: Flickr Tim Loudon
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A new book by a man who worked at the BBC for more than 25 years asks whether the broadcaster is a fair arbiter of the news, or a conduit for pervasive and institutional liberal bias.

In his book, The Noble Liar: How and why the BBC distorts the news to promote a liberal agenda, Robin Aitken doesn’t pull any punches.

He writes, ‘The BBC has wholeheartedly thrown its lot in with the liberal reformers; there has been no “impartiality” on any of the big moral issues of the past half-century.

‘In every instance, the socially conservative argument has been depicted as callous, reactionary and dogmatic.

‘Any counterargument to the prevailing liberal consensus is now ignored altogether; social conservative voices are conspicuous by their absence on mainstream current affairs programmes.’

He argued that in ‘BBC-world we are all liberals now’, and suggests the existence of ‘a nexus of media interests which is militantly liberal in outlook, and which has systematically destroyed the foundational beliefs and practices which informed the lives of previous generations.’She said: ‘I have not encountered anywhere undue ‘‘pushing’’ of doctrine — rather the “pushing’’ of Christian values. The emphasis is on educating the young to be aware of society, the promotion of care and selflessness.’

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