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BBC drops radical transgender organisations from its website

September 2020

Public service broadcaster, the BBC, has removed some of the UK’s most controversial pro-trans groups from its online ‘gender identity’ information page.

Links to Mermaids, The Gender Trust, and The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES), which promote radical transgender ideology, have been replaced with a link to the NHS.

The move came shortly after the NHS itself changed its guidance on puberty-blocking drugs to better reflect the growing evidence of the dangers posed to children by hormone suppressors.

However, activist group Mermaids, which has been criticised for the strident way in which it has imposed ideology on school staff, claimed it was because a ‘number of editorial staff’ at the BBC were ‘unsympathetic to transgender identities’.

Last year, Mermaids provoked outrage following a data breach that led to the publication of parents’ personal emails online. More than 1,000 pages of confidential emails from 2016 and 2017 appeared online for anyone to read.

Also in 2019, a training course developed for GPs by GIRES was dropped after doctors, who felt uncomfortable pushing patients towards transitioning, raised concerns.

The course, which had been listed on the Royal College of General Practitioners’ website since 2015, encouraged doctors to help patients ‘change sex’.

GIRES has also claimed that gender treatments mitigate the symptoms of Autism spectrum disorder; a medically unverifiable claim that has been circulating for several years on social media.

In a 2018 article for The Sunday Times, political writer Andrew Gilligan said, ‘In thousands of Instagram posts, Tumblr messages, and YouTube ‘vlogs’, impressionable young people, largely girls, are told by upbeat, pretty folk slightly older than themselves how transitioning can be an escape route from uncertainty, autism, friendlessness, abuse, the pains of puberty, or homosexuality.’

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