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BBC must not denigrate the views of traditional marriage supporters

April 2020

Marriage campaigners have called for greater diversity of viewpoint at the BBC, after a YouGov survey suggested at least a quarter of British adults still supported traditional marriage.

Research carried out by YouGov among more than 5,000 Brits showed that 24 percent of adults think same-sex marriage is wrong and 16 per cent say they do not know whether it is right or wrong.

The Coalition for Marriage (C4M) criticised the broadcaster for denigrating the views of millions of licence fee payers who disagree with same-sex marriage, stating the BBC does not properly reflect the people who pay for the service.

In a statement the Coalition for Marriage said, ‘As a public broadcaster, funded by the licence fee, the BBC should do all it can to represent the people who pay for it.

‘This means truly reflecting the diversity of views that exists among the British public about marriage, not just the views of metropolitan elites.

‘The BBC must take action to better serve the nation it represents or risk alienating huge swathes of the population who have traditional beliefs.’

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