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Beach missions will go online this summer

August 2020

Missions may have cancelled summer camps and beach events due to the continuing Covid-19 restrictions, but if children cannot come to the camps, the camps can come to the children — at least virtually.

United Beach Missions (UBM) have created a programme of online events for young people.

Tim Howlett, executive officer of UBM, told ET, ‘We cancelled our missions at the end of March with the caveat we could reinstate if, and only if, it was appropriate to do so. The length of lockdown and social distancing measures are greater than we anticipated.

‘So our position is still the same — but it seems increasingly unlikely we will run missions in the summer.’

While UBM might be able to reschedule its traditional ‘Christian Answer’ city centre outreach as lockdown eases, he said UBM has committed to running ‘beach missions online’.

Mr Howlett said, ‘We plan to produce one quality 25-minute programme a week for the six weeks of our English and Welsh Missions. We plan to do the same for our Irish missions too. We are aiming for 12 programmes that can be watched online.’

The programmes will be accessible via and its Facebook page, and UBM has asked Christian supporters to help publicise the programmes.

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