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Bede exhibition

October 2015

A cast of the skull of Bede — the so-called ‘father of English history’ — has been put on display at Jarrow, the home of the English monk and historian.

The exhibition, called ‘The skull of Bede’, will showcase the cast of the skull, which was recently rediscovered by Professor Jo Story, from the University of Leicester’s School of History.

It tells the story behind the excavation of the Venerable Bede’s tomb in Durham Cathedral back in 1831, and the preservation of the skull in the anatomical collections of the University of Cambridge.

Bede lived from 672–735, and his work, the Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum, [The ecclesiastical history of the English people], was completed in AD 731.

It charted the establishment of Christianity in England, and was the first work of history to use the AD system of dating.

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