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Bewl Water fundraiser

September 2021 | by Phebby Muwowo

Once again the weather was just right for walking without sweating. This was on Saturday the 19th of June, 2021, when all thirty-six people who had applied took the challenge of doing either half or the full thirteen-mile walk around Bewl Water, a lake in Kent.

This has become an annual event to raise funds in support of a student at Proclamation Institute Zambia (PIZ) bible college in Zambia.

For the first time this year, Proclamation Zambia (PZ), the UK-based charity that supports PIZ, had its own registration table to tick and flag off the walkers and to account for their return after the walk.

There were a few cyclists as well as some who ran around the 13-mile lake instead of just walking.

Most, except two people to my knowledge, had done this walk before and were quite familiar with the route.

It was a good time for individuals, families, and churches to take a day out with a picnic.

Due to covid regulations, no meals were served in the restaurant. Only drinks could be bought from there. The day ended well, the good weather keeping its promise to the walkers.

Phebby Muwowo

Proclamation Zambia

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