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Bible by the beach

July 2013 | by David Baker

Blue skies and sunshine greeted Christians from churches and denominations across the UK at this year’s ‘Bible by the beach’ convention.

The convention, held at the Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, has quickly acquired a reputation for its Bible teaching, music and inspiration, offering a range and depth of teaching.

Speakers included Hugh Palmer, Rector of All Soul’s, Langham Place; Oak Hill College principal Mike Ovey; Operation Mobilisation director Peter Maiden; and John Stevens, director of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).

The theme was ‘Living and longing’ and delegates looked at how Christians are to live in the light of the promised return of Jesus Christ. One of the teaching highlights was an exposition of Matthew 24 given by John Stevens.

Mr Stevens talked about being ready for Christ’s return, not by storing up provisions, but by faithfully discharging our duty as disciples of Christ.

Missionary and writer Helen Roseveare was well received when interviewed by Wallace Benn, former Bishop of Lewes, and his wife Lindsay Benn. Helen shared her experiences of suffering and violence in Africa, and spoke of how God can be trusted, even when we do not understand what he is doing.

One FIEC pastor described the convention as ‘a hidden gem’ and an Anglican minister commented that the number of church leaders present reflected the quality of teaching on offer.

Next year’s convention will take place from 2-5 May, with the theme ‘True humanity: made in God’s image; remade in the likeness of Christ’. Speakers include Christopher Ash and Mike Ovey.

David Baker



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