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Boris Johnson

April 2014

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been asked to hand over full copies of all emails and other documents relating to his involvement in a ban on a Christian charity’s bus advertisement.

This followed a decision in February by Master of the Rolls Sir John Dyson for the High Court to re-investigate, after evidence emerged that Mr Johnson — whose role is supposed to show no partiality — had influenced the ban.

The evidence had been revealed following a Freedom of Information request by Core Issues Trust, a charity which helps men and women dealing with unwanted, same-sex attraction.

In 2012, the trust had proposed a series of bus adverts that said, ‘Not gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it’. This was in response to slogans from gay charity Stonewall earlier that year, which had read, ‘Some people are gay. Get over it’. The latter had been sanctioned by Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor.

Core Issues Trust’s adverts were banned, and its appeal was dismissed at the High Court. However, at the time of the ban, according to the trust, the mayor was set to address an election meeting organised by Stonewall.

At the hearing in February this year, Mrs Justice Lang, who had upheld the original ban, reviewed the new email evidence, one of which stated that the mayor had instructed TfL to pull the adverts, and said, ‘I am still not satisfied that the full story is being told’.






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