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‘Britain’s only hope: the gospel’

January 2020 | by Peter Simpson

Cultural Marxism, abortion and evolution were some of the pressing issues faced by Christians which were addressed in this conference. It was held in October at Penn Free Methodist Church in Buckinghamshire.

David Carson spoke on ‘The state of the nation and the only remedy’. He referred to the great influence of the 1920s Frankfurt School of social theory in fashioning the anti-Christian, cultural Marxism of today.

It is prevalent in politics, education and the media. He said evangelicalism has been wanting in confronting this movement.

Paul Garner delivered the address, ‘Why I am a creationist’. Under four headings, he stated why biblical creationism is a better explanation of origins than evolution.

Paul showed that simple, compelling theories often turn out to be wrong; that most evolutionary evidences have significant problems; that creationism facilitates good science; and that creationism is good theology.

An historic example of a compelling, long-cherished scientific theory turning out to be wrong is geocentrism (the idea that the sun orbits the earth).

Mark Fitzpatrick spoke on ‘The biblical case against abortion’. Using Scripture, he dealt with various pro-abortion arguments.

These included the mantra, ‘My body, my choice’; cases of foetal abnormality; the claim that a foetus is not yet a person; and finally, cases where a woman is said to be unable to raise a child.

Peter Simpson preached from Jeremiah 5:17-25. Sadly, he had to stop shortly after commencing because of a medical emergency within the congregation.

His message — since recorded elsewhere — deals with the themes of nationhood, multiculturalism and climate change.

A two-CD set of the talks is available from [email protected] The cost is £6, payable to Penn Free Methodist Church.

Peter Simpson

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