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Camping MaDness – faith, fun & friendship

October 2013 | by Judith Webster

From 27 July – 3 August, around fifty 10-16 year olds, some of whom were from non-Christian families, spent a week on a Christian summer camp based in Talybont, North Wales.
    MaD camp, organised by Mirfield and Dewsbury Evangelical Churches, has been running for 19 years. Approximately 85 campers and staff, such as cooks and tent leaders, went on the camp.
    A variety of activities including baking, beach trips and body-boarding took place. More expensive options such as pony trekking, rock climbing and a treetop adventure course were also available.
    In the evenings, the whole camp gathered together for more formal services to pray, sing hymns, and read and learn from the Bible. The speaker, Jim Day from Ingleton Evangelical Church, focused his preaching on chapters 1-9 of Luke, in order to explain who Jesus is and what he’s done for us.


Well known parables such as the wise and foolish builders and the parable of the sower were used to show that we should have a ‘good’ heart which allows us to carefully listen and learn from God’s Word.
    Jim also used anecdotes to explain Jesus’ teachings and help the children understand the imagery used in different passages. Each child was provided with a booklet containing Bible verses, with spaces to make notes, and the 40 most popular hymns to use in the services.
    All campers took part in Bible studies each morning in their tents in order to recap what was said during the evening meetings. The older campers also had extra Bible verses linking to the sermon, to explore God’s Word further, and a question for reflection about how they could apply Jesus’ teaching to their own lives.
    There were opportunities to buy a range of Christian themed books towards the end of the week, some designed specifically for Christians and some for non-Christians. The books catered for different age groups and reading abilities. Each camper was also given a free book of Bible notes to take home at the end of the week.
    Jim said, ‘I really enjoyed camp. It’s a delight to serve God. All the leaders gave up a week of their holidays in order to bring the Lord Jesus into the children’s lives!’
Judith Webster (15)

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