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Carey Conference 2019

March 2019 | by Gary Brady

Robert Letham
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Some would consider early January an inopportune time for a conference, but for many years good numbers of attendees have arrived at the Hayes Conference Centre in Swanick for 48 hours of teaching and fellowship.

This year, the main subject was the Trinity. It was good to have Dr Robert Letham with us again to faithfully guide us over this terrain.

His three sessions on the topic were supplemented by other papers from Jonathan Worsley (worship), David Campbell (holiness), Robert Strivens (Synod of Dort), Henry Dixon (prayer in the Spirit) and Jonathan Bayes (zeal for God’s glory).

Most of the hundred or so men present were Reformed Baptist ministers, but many women were also in attendance. Ann Benton led sessions for them as she mined rich veins in Proverbs.

An excellent and lively Q&A session covered many subjects with contributions from both the floor and the speakers.

Another highlight was the paper on holiness. Focusing on the holiness of Jesus, it made us admirably desire to be more holy ourselves, rather than make us feel downcast through our lack of it.

Dr Letham’s first paper on the Trinity and Dr Strivens’ on Dort also excelled. Recordings of these and the other sessions would be well worth tracing, once available.

Beside the formal sessions, there was much time for informal fellowship. The Carey Conference 2020 is already scheduled for 7-9 January; the main speaker is due to be the US pastor and seminary professor, Jeffery Smith.

Gary Brady

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