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Central African Republic

August 2014

Tearfund has launched an emergency appeal to provide relief for nearly a million people left homeless, as the troubles in the Central African Republic (CAR) intensify.

According to the development agency, daily brutal attacks have left thousands dead and 700,000 people homeless, with a further 288,000 exiles fleeing to neighbouring countries.

More than half the population, 2.5 million people, are now in need of humanitarian assistance — food, water, sanitation and health care.

Martin Jennings, head of West and Central Africa at Tearfund, said that most schools have been closed since December 2013, with many being used to house displaced people seeking shelter from the fighting.

Tearfund has estimated that the conflict has meant that 90 per cent of the population, one of the poorest in the world, is surviving on just one meal a day.

Mr Jennings said, ‘We are now in a deepening and protracted crisis. The conflict in the CAR is causing death and suffering on a massive scale and destroying livelihood — we must act now to help the poorest and most vulnerable people’.


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