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June 2014

The Cornerstone Fostering and Adoption Agency (CFAA), a Christian fostering and adoption agency, is seeking to expand its operations across the UK.

Pam Birtle, general manager of the agency, said that the CFAA has only been able to continue its work with the help of the Christian Institute (CI), following a concerted effort in 2008 to close its operations.

She told the CI, ‘It was only with the support of the CI’s Legal Defence Fund that we have been able to continue our crucial work’.

The organisation had been under scrutiny in 2008 following new equality legislation, and was investigated over its long-standing policy of only placing children with committed Christian married couples.

According to Ms Birtle, the FCAA was able to defend its Christian ethos and is now in a place to expand its operations across the UK, building a network of families who can provide a Christian, loving environment for some of the 10,000 children in need of foster families.






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