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Christian Answer on the streets of Oxford and Cambridge

September 2015 | by Alan Pibworth

OxfordThe busy pedestrian streets in the heart of the cities of Oxford and Cambridge are filled with thousands of tourists from all over the world, as well as students, buskers and local people. It is here that Christian Answer teams came again in June, to preach and testify to the saving power of Jesus Christ. 

There were a large number of conversations, as many people were willing to stop, listen and discuss, some publicly, many personally. Lots of free literature was taken from the book table.

A 17-year-old studying in Oxford kept coming back again and again to listen. He took much literature and talked to team members over three days. On the third day he prayed to become a Christian.

An atheist interrupted a talk and then came back three times to listen and talk further. He agreed that he couldn’t explain the origin of the world and that there was a spiritual dimension to life. He accepted a booklet on the resurrection.

A student who described himself as a pagan came over to thank the team for speaking in a gracious way to people, unlike some other groups. He said he was homosexual and continued to talk, along with a friend, and listen to the claims of Jesus Christ on his life.     


A Muslim man in his 20s said, ‘I am seeking’. He had already read some of the Bible and took Why does God allow suffering? and Grill a Christian to read, as well as details of Christian meetings in Oxford.

A Chinese lady wanted to know about churches in Cambridge. She wasn’t confident about identifying herself as a believer and was greatly encouraged to speak to Christians.

A lady in her 50s, who called herself a ‘fallen Christian’, had been involved with the Moonies. She told how she’d struggled for a whole night to throw away a book of Sun Myung Moon teachings. She was so thankful to find out about genuine biblical Christianity.

A man asked if he could be forgiven. A supporter of our team explained the gospel. He found out that he attended a church locally, but did not read his Bible. He took a Gideon New Testament.

The teams in Oxford and Cambridge were made up of Christians using their annual leave, and students and ‘retired’ Christians. They appreciated the support of and fellowship with local churches.

United Beach Mission’s Christian Answer teams will be working in Chester, Canterbury, Bournemouth, Edinburgh, London and Kirkby over the summer. People are needed for the teams; experience is not necessary.Further details from or tel. 0113 230 4362.

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