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Christian educators’ conference looks at consumerism and neo-Marxism

April 2021 | by Steve Beegoo

Sheridan Voysey
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In February, Christian Concern worked alongside The Christian School’s Trust to provide hundreds of educators across the UK and abroad with an inspiring weekend. Over 300 Christian educators signed up for the event, and there were over 40 speakers and contributors.

The conference was entitled ‘Further Up, Further In!’ – a reference to C. S. Lewis’s story The Last Battle, where in the end times of Narnia there is a great call to respond to God in pressing forward.

There were four main events, and speakers included BBC Radio 2 regular Sheridan Voysey; Bishop of Burnley Philip North; and co-founder and chief executive of Christian Concern, Andrea Williams.

The 20 seminars included topics such as Is secondary humanities humanistic?; Can nursery children worship?; How to use the biblical text with juniors; Implementing RSE from a Christian worldview perspective; and Art and design as worship.

The most well-attended seminar was led by Benjamin John, the Wilberforce Academy’s Development Officer. He unpacked how neo-Marxism and consumerism are affecting children, and what educators can do to counteract these ideological giants in the culture of our day.

Andrea Williams commented, ‘It was a privilege to see a movement of Christians from many nations who deeply understand how important education is for the growth of Christian witness in our nation.

‘So many children are being lost to the secular world, but if the church and those in education can rally together, then a movement of educators, like those I’ve connected with in this conference, can help to change this nation and beyond.’