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Christian groups prepare general election guidance

December 2019 | by Mike Judge

The United Kingdom will hold its first December general election since 1923 when voters go to the polls on Thursday 12 December.

Various Christian groups have been busy preparing materials to help believers think through various issues before voting.

The Christian Institute will be publishing its popular Election Briefing which will analyse the policies and statements of the main parties on some key moral issues.

The Institute will also be producing a ‘candidate question card’ which Christians can carry with them, so they are always ready to ask a candidate a relevant question.

Christians may also like to review the voting record of MPs who have been sitting in Parliament before the election, although a number of MPs won’t be standing for re-election.

The voting record of MPs on a variety of moral issues can be accessed on the Christian Institute’s website (

CARE has launched an initiative, called ‘engaGE19’, to enable Christians and wider society to think about important issues relating to family, life and justice.

It has a dedicated website ( with links to the manifestos of the main political parties throughout the UK.

The site also has a record of MPs votes, a blog, and information for churches that may consider hosting a husting.

The Evangelical Alliance also has information and resources on its website ( for the general election.

They have produced a series of devotionals based on the Psalms of Ascents to help Christians reflect and pray during the election campaign.

The EA is also providing a weekly prayer guide, an election blog, and they have information about how to organise an election husting.

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said, ‘A general election provides an opportunity for Christians to speak out and play their part in voting. Believers have to make a judgment about how their vote can be used to best effect.

‘It is unlikely that you will find a party or a candidate you believe has all the right views. For many Christians there is a genuine dilemma over choosing a party or a particular candidate. Weigh the evidence and exercise your Christian conscience’.

James Mildred, CARE Communications Manager, said, ‘Let’s take seriously this opportunity to be involved, to have our say and to cast our vote. Let’s reject the political indifference that so easily dominates and let’s get stuck in.

‘That might mean making the effort to attend a husting, or it could mean emailing candidates or using social media to contact them to find out where they stand on key issues like family, life and justice.

‘We can do our research, look at the voting records of different MPs and prayerfully consider who will get our vote’.

Mike Judge, editor

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