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Christian Heritage Centre receives Mayflower painting

October 2020 | by Roland Burrows

The Landing of the Mayflower
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One positive aspect of recent lockdown conditions has been the opportunity for many to tidy up, sort out, and even rediscover household objects and keepsakes they forgot they ever had. Some of these forgotten treasures of local and wider interest are donated to the Christian Heritage Centre in Rowley Regis.

A recent addition took the form of a painting of the Mayflower. 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the famous vessel, bearing the Pilgrims to New England

A lecture on the voyage was given at the Centre just before lockdown. Thanks to the website, the lecture was heard far and wide, including Seattle, Washington. There, a highly accomplished artist called Anita Griffin listened and was inspired to further research the details of the historic voyage.

Anita researched the lives of the Pilgrims involved and what inspired them to depart. This led her to produce a magnificent oil painting depicting the women and children on the ship while the men venture out towards land.

Anita’s careful research is reflected in accurate details, such as the rigging of the ship, its gear and tackle, and the style of clothing worn by the voyagers.

The painting made its way to the Heritage Centre via post across the Atlantic. It now forms the centrepiece of our Mayflower display.

The lockdown gave us at the Heritage Centre time to repaint the outside of the building; this fine painting has certainly enhanced the appearance of the inside as well.

Roland Burrows

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