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Christian scalded

March 2012

Christian scalded

A persecuted Iranian convert to Christianity, who fled to Turkey for asylum, has been attacked by his employer.
    A report from Barnabas Fund revealed that Yousef Fallah Ranjbar suffered severe scalding on his back after his boss poured hot water over him because of his Christianity. Mr Ranjbar was also subjected to beatings and had his pay withheld because of his beliefs.
    It is understood that he was working 14-hour days, for a maximum of 20 Turkish liras, the equivalent of £7 a day. The case is being pursued by the police but, according to Barnabas Fund, the trial has been postponed because the employer failed to appear for the hearing.
    In a statement from the advocacy organisation, it said Iranian converts live under the constant threat of arrest, imprisonment, torture and possibly even death, as numerous cases have shown. Many converts seek respite in Turkey, but are treated shamefully.

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