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Church news – Edward Connor legal service

April 2018

Legal help for evangelical churches will be given a fillip this year after the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) launches its Edward Connor organisation.

Named after the founder of the FIEC, Edward Joshua Poole-Connor (EJPC), the organisation will be a separate charity, although linked to the FIEC in its governance.

The FIEC is currently recruiting a team of qualified Christian solicitors who will provide legal services, not just to FIEC churches but also to other Christian groups who share the gospel aims and ethos.

According to Gemma Adam, practical service director at the FIEC, writing in the organisation’s spring newsletter, although the FIEC’s practical service team has been providing churches with property, charity law and human resources advice, they are aware of the huge regulatory challenges ahead.

She commented: ‘The regulation that is imposed on FIEC is increasing. Unfortunately, regulatory and governance issues mean our current set-up isn’t sustainable in the long-term’. Although the practical services team will ‘still be a vital part of what FIEC offers’ to churches affiliated to it, the legal aspect will now operate from Edward Connor.

Ms Adam added: ‘FIEC churches can continue to use the same advice line number to speak to someone about a legal matter, and will continue to get discounted charges.

‘FIEC Limited will still hold trust deeds for churches. These changes mean we’re better placed to serve you, as we have an expanding team of solicitors to help you with your specific needs’.

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