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Colliery closure

June 2014

The Bishop of Durham led a service at St Edmund’s Church, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of a village pit closure. The service, at which Rt Rev. Paul Butler presided, rededicated a newly restored miners’ memorial plaque, in memory of those who died in the pit between 1872 and 1984.

Bishop Paul told the congregation: ‘The coal seams were the source of work and life here. Throughout its life, the pit employed up to 1000 men and boys, effectively the entire male working population. Alongside the pit there was attendant work. No wonder, therefore, that the loss of the pit 30 years ago was a tragic loss for everyone.

‘While 70 men and boys had died throughout the 112-year history, the pit was free from disaster until, arguably, the disaster of its closure when still nearly 500 people were employed here’.




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