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Conference – Birmingham conference

June 2018 | by John Saunders

The Birmingham Conference, organised by the Christian Worship Trust and hosted by Ebenezer Chapel in Old Hill, Birmingham, has become a regular fixture in the diary, with this year (23-24 March) seeing record numbers in attendance.

In two addresses, Robert Dickie from Michigan, USA, tackled aspects of the downgrade in public worship that have tragically come into the evangelical world. He demonstrated how embracing a worldly culture leads to a casual approach to worship and devastating effect on the life of the church.

From 1 Timothy 3:15, he showed that ministers bear great responsibility for upholding godly and reverent conduct, by personal example as well as by teaching. In his second message, he spoke from Malachi 1 on the theme of careless worship, showing its cause, characteristics and curse.

In the first of two addresses, Maurice Roberts of Inverness showed that God assesses nations as well as individuals. The spiritual and moral state of Britain has fallen to new depths over the past 50 years. We may well be facing further divine judgment. The great need of our country is a revival of the true Christian religion. The Lord’s people must earnestly and urgently pray and proclaim the gospel.

His second address showed how revival is the only real remedy for our present serious state. He warmly described the glorious, transforming effects of such a work of God.

Christopher Buss, from Ashford, preached searchingly at the Friday evening gospel rally from John 18 and Pilate’s cynical question, ‘What is truth?’. He contrasted what the world and the Bible say about truth. The world evades it, but God’s Word is always the truth, and we are called to believe it.

In an afternoon session, Dewi Higham, from Cardiff, led the men in a thought-provoking discussion of the biblical principles and benefits of co-operation between churches. Meanwhile Patricia Buss, from Ashford, spoke to the women, very helpfully by all accounts, on how to prepare for old age and grow old graciously.

This was a conference of excellent ministry, encouraging fellowship and warm hospitality. Sincere thanks are due to the organisers and speakers, and, above all, the Lord for his goodness and blessing over the two days.

John Saunders

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