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Conference – Creation update

September 2018 | by Mike Fryer

Biblical Creation Trust (BCT) held its first regional supporters’ evening at Thurlaston village hall near Leicester on 30 June. After a meal kindly provided by friends from Thurlaston Chapel, trustee Stephen Bazlinton opened proceedings with a devotion from Psalm 95.

Stephen Lloyd then summarised highlights from our past ministry, as well as outlining some of our future plans in the context of current trends. Matthew Pickhaver also spoke about ways in which we might be able to attract new supporters, particularly from among the next generation. Approximately 30 supporters attended, and some useful discussion took place.

Meanwhile, the Creation Conference 2018, held in Kent from 2 to 3 June, was very well organised by Belvedere Pentecostal Church, with a delicious free lunch and a host of helpful volunteers. BCT was represented by Stephen Lloyd and Paul Garner, who both gave talks as well as running a busy exhibition stand.

Mr Lloyd spoke twice, first on the place of death within the story-line of the Bible and how accommodating evolutionary history within it undermines the gospel message.  His second talk focused on human identity and how this comes from being made in the image of God as a descendant of Adam, not from an ever-changing chosen identity.

Mr Garner dealt with conflicts between evolutionary theory and the Bible and how we must not allow science to control our understanding of the Bible. He cited examples where creationist research results in better scientific explanations and explained that model building provides a conceptual framework that allows predictions.

Also taking part were: organiser Dr Carol Valinejad; Nigel Steele, consultant to independent Christian schools; Regan King of Christian Concern; and Dr Nathaniel Jeanson (AiG).

Mike Fryer

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