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Conference – Keswick bonanza

September 2016

For several weeks during July and August, the small town of Keswick in Cumbria, in the North of England, was swarming with people attending the 141st Keswick Convention.

According to organisers, the convention (16 July-5 August) was ‘completely packed out’, with more visitors than ever, and an extra relay venue needing to be added to the other three relays. ‘Our base camp venue had 600 people on one morning. In total for one week we have about 3,500 people; over three weeks we are expecting close to 15,000’.

There were more young people than in previous years. The 3-11-year-olds programme was increased by 50 per cent from week two this year, compared to 2015. ‘Together with the youth (again more this year than last) we are expecting close to 2,500 children and youth’.

During the convention, Keswick Ministries launched its ‘Share the future’ campaign for the Derwent Project. This covers the move to the Keswick pencil factory site, the build of a 400-seater conference centre, and the expansion of the convention from a 3000-seater to a 4000-seater on an integrated site, for year-round teaching.

Topics covered included a series on ‘Christ-like relationships’, in which Andre Adefope, head of relationship development for Visible Ministries, tackled the issue of pornography.

Public leadership was covered by Dave Landrum, director of advocacy at the Evangelical Alliance and his team. These delivered lectures, such as ‘Holiness in the public square’, talking on the Christian’s need to get involved in public life.

Rico Tice, senior minister at All Souls, Langham Place, in London opened the second week of the convention with a compelling message on 1 Peter 1, asking, ‘What does holiness look like?’. (All talks on


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