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Conference – Reclaiming marriage

June 2017

The picturesque view overlooking the Beauly Firth towards the Black Isle once again delighted those who attended the annual spring conference of the Free Church of Scotland (Continuing).

Held at the Kingsview Christian Centre, in the Kinmylies area of Inverness, about 100 attended to worship God and receive instruction from his Word. This year’s vitally important subject was ‘Reclaiming marriage’. Both addresses were given by Rev. Graeme Craig, minister of our Stornoway congregation.

Mr Craig began by reminding us that our situation today is no different from the time of the apostles. Immorality was as prevalent in their day as ours. The Scriptures spoke clearly about the issues then, and do so now.

The first address was on ‘The pattern for marriage’. Mr Craig read from Genesis 2 and Ephesians 5 to show us that marriage is a creation ordinance and a God-ordained bond. We were reminded that jokes that undermine marriage were from Satan’s workshop.

Secondly, we were shown that marriage should be Christ-centred. The biblical way is for the husband to show his headship and, just as importantly, selfless love for his wife, while the wife submits to her husband.

After an excellent lunch and fellowship, Rev. Bill Scott reminded us of the delights and privileges of singing the Psalms, while giving direction as to how we should sing them. We also had opportunity to purchase excellent literature.

The afternoon address was on ‘The practice of marriage’. We were reminded that casual romances should be avoided, as these are characterised by a lack of commitment, unlike Christ our bridegroom and the serious commitment he gave when purchasing his bride. The basis of love is not lust, wealth or beauty, but God’s ordinances. Equally important, we were reminded that not all will marry.

Marriage is a gift from God. Husband and wife need to love one another, learn to compromise to each other, spend time together and pray together.

Both addresses were marked by clarity and are worth listening to by single people considering marriage, newly wed couples, and even seasoned married couples. A final psalmody session from Mr Scott concluded the day. Our thanks to the Kingsview Christian Centre and all who contributed to make the day as good as it was.

Stuart Mackay

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