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Conference – Reformation and revival

February 2018

I always seem to leave conferences sensing my own need for revival and a renewed desire for God to come in power upon the whole church. No conference has produced such a sense of this as the 2017 Reformation and Revival Conference, in Swanwick, Derbyshire.

The speakers were Andrew Davies and Jeremy Walker, whose ministries were as excellent as they were relevant, leading us to earnest prayer for revival. With 2017 being the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the main theme of the conference decided itself! However, our attention was soon turned to the need for Reformation today.

Mr Davies called us to sober assessment of the state of Christianity in the churches. Though God is certainly working in the UK, there is a need for reformation and revival. Do we see the need for it, or are we content with how things are? Furthermore, do we see the need for personal reformation? Mr Walker took us through Psalm 119:57-64. Are we quick to turn our feet to the ways of the Lord and keep his commandments?

The theology of the Reformation was represented through five sermons on the five Solas. Mr Walker started with ‘Scripture alone’, calling us to hold onto the precious Word of God when others are abandoning it.

Mr Davies showed us our need to move out of ourselves and into ‘Christ alone’. Mr Walker followed with ‘Faith alone’, focusing on the righteousness of Christ and not our works; and ‘Grace alone’, focusing on the character of our gracious God. Finally, Mr Davies took the ‘Glory of God alone’, lifting our thoughts to our glorious God and high calling — to serve the Lord of glory (Joshua 24:15).

Praise God for such a blessed conference! Let us press on to know the Lord and seek his reviving power to sweep across our nation once again (Hosea 6:3). For previous conference recordings and details of the 2018 conference, please visit:

Eddie Webster

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