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Conference – South Wales Revival Conference

September 2018 | by Kerry Orchard

The days of 7 to 14 July saw the 19th annual conference take place. Ian Parry opened the conference with a searching message from Elijah’s confrontation with the Baal prophets at Mount Carmel.

Paul Mallard’s two pastoral sermons took us to the letters to the churches in Revelation, while Stuart Olyott’s theme was ‘Spirit-inspired preaching’, as evidenced on three occasions in the book of Acts.

All three of the evening preachers were excellent. Evan Richards ably gave the morning Bible readings and led the times of communal prayer. His theme was ‘The glory and the sufficiency of Christ in Hebrews’.

The lectures looked at revival in church history and in the world today. Adrian Brake’s subject was the 18th and 19th century revivalist, David Jones. We were able to visit the scene of his labours, Llangan, no more than five miles away.

Owen Batstone’s subject was the prolific blind hymn-writer, Fanny Crosby, who saw times of revival in 19th century America. Stuart Olyott answered the question: ‘What was preaching like during the 18th century Welsh revivals?’

He also ably brought to our notice the curiously neglected 19th century American evangelist, Asahel Nettleton. Hudson Taylor is well-known, but Griffith John, his contemporary, exercised a similar astonishing ministry in China, which John Aaron illuminated in an excellent illustrated talk.

Pal Borzasi took us to Hungarian-speaking Romania to hear of the monumental spiritual harvest under the 20th century evangelist, Kornya Mihaly. He then brought us up to date with what God is doing today among Hungarians and Gypsies in Transylvania.

Mervyn Neal opened our eyes to the wonderful works of God right now in Nepal and Uttar Pradesh, despite strong persecution. Saeed Mokhlessi was able to relate a parallel work among Iranians in Iran and around the world. He interviewed a young Iranian woman, who up to six months previously, had been part of the mushrooming house church movement in Iran.

The week will be remembered for scorching weather, fine food and fellowship, but most of all for a reminder of what a great God we worship, the God of the impossible. God willing, a further conference will be held next year in Bryntirion during the week 6 to 13 July.

Kerry Orchard

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