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Conference – Thrive 2016

July 2016

Jane McNabb was the main speaker at this year’s Thrive Conference, entitled ‘Supportive and encouraging’, an annual event organised by the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC), for women who serve in church-based ministry positions. More than 30 women gathered in Worcestershire to hear Jane speak on Psalms 15, 16 and 17.

Now in its fifth year, Thrive is an opportunity to help women, who are serving in a variety of positions in FIEC churches, to come away to rest and support one another. Among the delegates was Catherine Heath, a women’s worker at St Neot’s Evangelical Church.

She said: ‘Jane McNabb’s ministry was such a blessing, as she taught and shared with us both formally and informally throughout the conference. Her sessions were followed by time in small groups, allowing further discussion and prayer, which were such helpful and honest times together.

‘One of the real encouragements over the years has been for me to see the number of women’s ministry workers growing within FIEC. Thrive provides a wonderful context in which we can meet, share and seek to support and encourage each other’.

Thrive is organised by members of the Women’s Ministry Group at FIEC, which is led by Women’s Ministry Coordinator Elisabeth Smyth. She said: ‘As more churches are recognising a need for the discipling of women by women, we continue to see new workers joining us at Thrive each year. It is a great joy to see how a group of women from very different age groups, backgrounds, roles and length of time in ministry get on so well together and delight in one another’s company, learning from the ministry of the Word and from one another’.

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