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Conference – Through the lens of Melchizedek

November 2016 | by Garry Williams

At the beginning of September, the John Owen Centre hosted delegates, who endured the intense heat of the hottest September day in over 100 years. They enjoyed the intense and fruitful papers and the discussion that followed each of them at the conference.

There was plentiful opportunity to greet old friends and make new connections. Monday saw Flavien Pardigon and Garry Williams (from the John Owen Centre) introducing the Melchizedek of the biblical text, and exploring the ways in which the imputation of Adam’s sin has been explained and can be defended.

On Tuesday, Benedict Bird, lecturer at London Seminary, and Andrew Kerr, a pastor in Belfast, looked through the lens of Melchizedek at the priestly and kingly offices of Christ.

Jeremy Walker, a pastor from Crawley in Sussex, closed the conference with a portrait of the King of Righteousness, to challenge and encourage ministers.

If you are concerned that you missed out, put next year’s dates (11-12 September) in your diary! We will be releasing audio recordings from the conference.


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