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Conferences – Inskip Bible Convention

October 2018 | by David Earnshaw

The Fylde Coast has a rich spiritual history. From the small village of Elswick came William Bramwell, the Methodist evangelist who so impressed William and Catherine Booth they named their first son after him.

In the next village along from Elswick lies Inskip Baptist Chapel, a spiritual community that has worshipped here for the past 201 years. For 101 years the fellowship has put on a Bible Convention that has sought to encourage God’s people within the area by giving clear Bible teaching and dealing with relevant issues. This year was no exception.

Over a four-day period approximately 300 people came to the convention and attended a variety of events. Everything takes place in a 250-seater marquee with 10ofThose providing a well-stocked bookstall for the event.

On the Saturday and Sunday, John Shearer, a man with a solid biblical reputation clearly and powerfully expounded a variety of Old Testament passages and applied them to modern life.

The Sunday late night event was an interview with Alan Barnett. Mr Barnett had been taken hostage by the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein while on his way out to India. Mr Barnett spoke of the whole experience from a Christian perspective and the marquee was full to hear this gripping story.

Monday afternoon was our time to look away from ourselves to others. Tony Brown, a converted Jehovah’s Witness (JW), gave his testimony of how the Lord brought him out of a cult and then shared with us the need to have a heart for the many people in our country who are caught-up with the JWs, Mormons and other such groups.

The Inskip Bible Convention is not complete without ministry from Roger Carswell. He spoke passionately from the Scriptures about the need for our churches to be places of prayer, and that can only be the case if the people who attend them are people of prayer.

He also ministered on the warning passages of Hebrews about the danger of drifting into a life of uselessness. The pastor of Inskip then closed the convention on the Tuesday evening. Events like these are hard to run and take a lot of effort, but we take our cue from Job. It was said of him by one of his comforters ‘his words have kept men on their feet’ .

If we can help keep God’s people of the Fylde Coast on their feet for another year and fly the flag for the gospel, then this has been another good convention.

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