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Conferences – Longhorsley Mission Bible Convention

September 2017

In 1948, the Yorkshire evangelist Harold Watson was invited to speak during a weekend at Longhorsley Mission in rural Northumberland. When Mission members became aware of the interest being expressed by many people, it became obvious that the Mission hall in Longhorsley would not be able to accommodate everyone. The decision was made to hire a marquee.

As time progressed, concern was expressed that the marquee ordered would not be big enough to hold everyone, so a second marquee was acquired. The marquees were erected in a field in the centre of the village, behind the village blacksmith.

This event was repeated, each first weekend in July, with different speakers, over the following six years. The numbers attending increased and Mission members realised they should continue. So the Longhorsley Mission Bible Convention became established.

In 1954 a member of the fellowship purchased a field in the centre of the village, to be used for the convention each year. It was held in a marquee on this site until 2006.

The preparation for this annual weekend was quite physically demanding, often under adverse weather conditions. So, after prayerful consideration, the decision was made in 2007 to relocate the convention to the Memorial Hall at Longframlington, a village only four miles away.

This has proved to be the right decision, as the hall has excellent facilities and we have appreciated the help and support we have received from the hall committee during the subsequent ten years.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the convention. We have five members of our fellowship who have attended each convention. We give thanks to God for the encouragement we have had from Christians throughout the area, who have supported it over so many years.

In 2015, Longhorsley Mission marked 140 years since it began in 1875. As we look to the future, we pray the Lord will guide our fellowship, as we seek to maintain the convention in rural Northumberland.

Alan Pagan

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