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Controversial Sunday trading proposals have been dropped

August 2020

The government’s controversial plan to further liberalise the Sunday trading laws has been dropped.

A relaxation of existing rules on Sunday trading was being considered as part of a range of measures to help the economy recover from the coronavirus lockdown.

There was strong opposition to the proposal, with campaign groups such as CARE warning that the plans were the ‘wrong approach’ for families.

In June, the Telegraph reported on a letter sent by more than 50 Members of Parliament from across the House of Commons.

The open letter warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson that he would face an ‘embarrassing defeat’ if he were to put the proposals on relaxing Sunday Trading rules to a vote in the House of Commons. The Labour Party had already said it would be opposing the plans.

In a statement, CARE said, ‘We are pleased that these proposals appear to have been withdrawn for now, though we will continue to monitor the situation.’

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