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Council apologises for drag queen primary school visit

April 2020

A local council has apologised to parents who were outraged after a drag queen not only visited their children’s primary school but also put pictures of the visit on his Instagram page.The drag queen, called ‘Flowjob’, joined SNP MP Mhairi Black at Glencoates Primary School in Paisley to mark LGBT History month.

But parents were shocked to see some explicit photos on the adult entertainer’s social media pages, along with photos taken from the school visit, which they claimed were unauthorised and identified some of the children.

Flowjob took the school photos down, but following the backlash Renfrewshire Council said it would not have approved the visit if it had been aware of the performer’s social media posts.

According to a report in The Express, the school and its headmistress, Michelle Watson, temporarily locked their Twitter accounts following complaints, due to the nature of some of the comments, while Ms Black defended the visit, labelling critics ‘homophobic’.

According to the Daily Record, the 21-year-old drag queen is now ‘afraid’ to walk in full drag in the streets and has suffered a lot of online abuse following the incident.

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