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Croydon primary school reported to local authority for excluding children who objected to LGBT lessons

August 2019

Ten year old Kaysey SOURCE Christian Concern
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Two primary school children in Croydon have been excluded by their headteacher for objecting to LGBT lessons.

The incident occurred in the same school where, last year, children as young as four were forced to take part in a playground ‘gay pride parade’.

This latest incident at Heavers Farmer Primary School, Croydon, South London involved two ten-year-olds who were excluded for alleged anti-LGBT comments, which the children deny.

The children and their parents are being supported by Christian Concern, and the headteacher of the school has been reported to the local authority.

According to Christian Concern, on June 20 the children were being asked to take part in an LGBT-themed lesson as part of Gay Pride Month.

Ten-year-old Farrell was sitting in class next to his female classmate, Kaysey, also ten, when he asked his teacher, ‘Sir, please may I not take part in this lesson?’

The teacher refused permission saying that the LGBT lesson was part of the curriculum.

According to Kaysey, she and Farrell were shouted at in front of the class by the school’s headteacher, Susan Papas.

Outside the classroom, Kaysey says Papas reprimanded her and her friend, saying, ‘You are a disappointment to the school’.

After class, the form teacher is said to have accused Farrell of using ‘homophobic language’ for allegedly saying, ‘LGBT sucks and LGBT’s dumb,’ which the child denies.

The children were accused of saying that LGBT people should be killed, but the children deny it.

Kaysey, who says she is a Pentecostal Christian, claims she was kept in detention for five hours from 10am to 3pm.

Parents of both children have complained to the Principal Officer for Exclusions Prevention at the local authority.

The parents insist their children did not make homophobic comments and they say their children’s version is supported by other children in the class and their parents.

In separate letters, the parents point out that ‘the imposition of a 5-day exclusion lacks both the necessary proportionality and fairness required to justify such a lengthy punishment’ given the ‘age, maturity, religious and cultural background’ of their children.

A video interview with ten-year-old Kaysey is available on the Christian Concern website and on YouTube.

In the video, she shares her concern that schools are being used to undermine children’s confidence in their natural gender identity.

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