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Damaris Trust update

October 2015

Vox Caritas, the organisation that bought the assets of Damaris Trust when it went into administration earlier this year, has pledged to carry on the charitable purposes of the firm.

In a statement Vox Caritas said, ‘Initially some people were concerned that the assets of the charity would be lost. [However], they are being used for good and the charitable purposes of Damaris Trust continue to be served through a new organisation’.

Vox Caritas has taken on some of the staff of Damaris Trust — Steve Alexander, Judy May (Archer) and Sophie Lister — and was able to return some resources to Nick and Carol Pollard, which they had developed for schools and churches while they worked for the Trust.

According to the statement, Vox Caritas is still developing the Damaris film resources for community groups, and Judy May has returned to lead this initiative. It is also working with the Museum of the Bible in the US, to use its ‘innovative Bible curriculum’ within religious education classes in the UK.

The statement continued: ‘Recent research has shown that fewer than 5 per cent of school-aged children in the UK are reached through churches and Christian youth organisations in the UK, but nearly all of them attend RE lessons of some sort in their schools. We will be enabling schools to teach a Bible curriculum that uses the most relevant and cutting-edge technology’.

Vox Caritas also works as CharityOffice, which provides back office and fundraising support to charities and ministries.

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