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Derby Cathedral ‘bans’ evangelical preacher, Melvin Tinker

January 2019

Melvin Tinkler
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An evangelical Anglican minister says he was banned from preaching at a carol service in Derby Cathedral because he had criticised the Archbishop of York for liberalising the church’s approach on gay and transgender issues.

The Rev. Melvin Tinker, 63, who had been lined up by the University of Derby Christian Union to give a sermon at the event, was told that permission had been refused because of his relationship with the diocese of York.

Rev. Tinker said this could only refer to a dispute between his church, St John Newland in Hull, and the archbishop, John Sentamu.

Derby Cathedral has attracted controversy in the past by showing films with graphic sex scenes and holding services which celebrate homosexuality. But it denies it has ‘banned’ Rev. Tinker.

Stephen Hance, Dean of Derby said, ‘The Dean invites all guest preachers for services to be held at the cathedral. It is entirely wrong to claim that anyone has been “banned” simply because the Dean has not chosen to invite them on this occasion.’

But Rev. Tinker told The Christian Institute that the cathedral was being ‘disingenuous’ in its denial. He said, ‘I was told by a member of the CU Executive that the sub-dean told them I could not speak at the cathedral because of ‘my relations with the York diocese’.

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