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Douglas Dawson (1922-2019)

March 2019 | by Geoff Gobbett

Douglas Dawson
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On 17 January, Douglas Dawson passed into glory. He had pastored several churches, including fellowships in Stretham, Borough Green and Leyton.

Grace Baptist churches underwent much change during Douglas’ life. Along with Clifford Pond, Jack Hoad, John Appleby and Frank Ellis, Douglas played a pivotal role.

Clifford, Jack and Douglas were leaders in the Metropolitan Association of Strict Baptist Churches at a critical time in the 1960s and 1970s. This coincided with a further liberalising of the Baptist Union.

Many young preachers were unwilling to pursue ministry within the BU. Where could they turn? Strict Baptist churches offered help as Clifford and Douglas interviewed and recommended names of ministers to churches.

In the 1980s, many Strict Baptist churches developed into Grace Baptist churches. Douglas played a vital role, helping the transition of the Strict Baptist Assembly into the Grace Baptist Assembly.

A key moment was a conference in 1965 in Leicester, where a spirit of brotherly love was renewed and many difficult relationships among older, Strict Baptist churches were healed.

Douglas also served as editor of Grace magazine, many readers appreciating the clarity of his articles. He also worked on the ‘Go Teach’ board and prepared daily readings for Geneva Bible Notes. He mentored many young pastors who valued his wise counsel and clear preaching.

A beloved pastor and administrator, Douglas was a godly, humble and endearing man. We thank God for a full life and a full ministry which have now come to an end.

Geoff Gobbett

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