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Down’s syndrome woman to challenge abortion law

April 2020

Heidi Crowter
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Down’s syndrome woman Heidi Crowter is set to challenge the law on abortion which allows for disabled unborn babies to be terminated up to the point of birth.

Campaigners want disabled unborn babies to have the same rights as other babies, where terminations are not permitted after 24 weeks of pregnancy.

A fundraiser has been launched to help campaigners challenge the health secretary. Leaders of the campaign — including Heidi Crowter — say they are prepared to take the issue to court.

ET has already written extensively on the Don’t Screen Us Out Campaign — which aims to prevent the UK from allowing new tests to detect Down’s syndrome much earlier in pregnancy. It is believed that earlier screening will lead to more abortions.

In a statement Christian organisation CARE said, ‘We stand with Heidi and all those campaigning to challenge and change current abortion laws.

‘This case is of particular significance as it is the first time that the UK’s law on abortion for disabled babies has been challenged in this way.

‘We are praying that Heidi’s courage will be rewarded and we will start to see positive changes in regards to the law on abortion.’

Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics revealed the latest data for abortions in England and Wales. It shows 24 percent of pregnancies resulted in an abortion.

For women aged 20 to 24, the percentage was up at 35 percent. This is a marked increase since 1990, when it stood at 22.3 percent.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, said, ‘Every one of these abortions represents a real, unique, human who has deliberately been killed.

‘It’s happening on a scale simply unimaginable by those who wrote and voted for the Abortion Act 1967. The child is not given his or her right to life, given no advocate, and is completely disregarded as tissue.’

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