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Dr David Landrum leaves Evangelical Alliance

February 2021

After 10 years as director of advocacy, Dr David Landrum has left the Evangelical Alliance to take up a similar role at Open Doors UK & Ireland.

During his time at the EA, Dr Landrum was instrumental in establishing the charity’s Public Leadership programme across the UK and equipping Christians with knowledge of the current legal freedoms they have to share their faith.

Dr Landrum chairs the Religious Liberty Commission, which brings together charities Release International, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, and Open Doors to support persecuted Christians around the world, and works extensively in Westminster and Whitehall to promote and preserve gospel freedoms in the UK and further afield.

Commenting on the move, Dr Landrum said, ‘In these turbulent times I hope that I can help Open Doors UK & Ireland to secure religious freedom for God’s people. I believe this is both urgent and essential, because Jesus is quite literally the hope of the nations.’

Henrietta Blyth, CEO for Open Doors UK & Ireland, said, ‘Open Doors has an urgent message for our leaders and opinion formers. Around the world, religious freedom is being eroded and suppressed, often violently. It’s a human rights issue as urgent as any that we currently face. If we ignore it, we allow extremism and totalitarianism to win the day. I believe Dr Landrum is the man to help us sound the alarm, both in Westminster and around the country.’

Dr Landrum took up the new post in January. He is married to Valeria and lives in Bedfordshire.

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